This Is Our Time

The New Cricket Season Is Here

It is here – despite the rain.  The new cricket season is upon us and with it everything which makes playing for The Sussex Martlets unique and special to us.

I read recently that the friendly game is where cricket finds its paradoxical perspective – where every game is both the most important thing in the world and the most trivial (at least over a beer in the pavilion afterwards).  The making of runs and the taking of wickets are their own joyous reward and the scorebook is merely a record (until the seasons results are added up by Michael Murray as the cricket sub-committee chairman).

And with all that in mind, I wondered if I could ask you to do something for me?

Last year, the Club took great pride in being able to put out sides in every match except one.  And that means that each member need to play their part and play in as many matches as they can.  Our match managers are waiting to hear from you with your availability to play this year.  Just go to the 2016 fixtures page on the website, hover your mouse over the match manager’s name, double click and you will have an email direct to the match manager for that game to confirm your availability.  Here is the link.

Go on – give it a try – it really does work!

Stuart Ritchie
The Sussex Martlets