Cricket Honours Board

Each year the Sussex Martlets makes a number of awards at the Club’s Annual Dinner.  Recent recipients of these awards are:

Year Batsman Award Bowling Award Over 40’s Junior Martlet Martlet of the Year
2019  Michael Murray  Mark Trubshaw  Dave Christmas  Toby Shepperson  John Goodacre
2018  Darryl Rebbetts  Jordan Shaw  Phil Savage  Nathan Cooper  Josh Burrows
2017  Toby Pullan  Mark Trubshaw  Akshaj Krishnan  Peter Hartland
2016  Marcus Campopiano  Paul Walker  Harry Moorat  Chris Gray
2015  Toby Pullan  Derek Horsham  Joe Ludlow  Charlie Hartridge
2014  Adam Davies  Charles Davies  Joe Pullan  Mike Charman
2013  Marcus Campopiano  Michael Murray  Ben Pullan  Stuart Ritchie
2012  Andrew Hartridge  Charles Davies  Marcus Campopiano  Nigel Russell
2011  Adam Davies  Derek Horsham  Greg Wisdom
2010  Sam Carter  Paul Lack  Matt Sewell
2009  Richard Allum  Peter Hartland  Andrew Hartridge  Michael Murray
2008  Nick Seager  Richard Allum  Philip Roper  Chris Snell
2007  Ed McGregor  Sandy Ross  Nick Seager  Michael Murray
2006  Michael Murray  James Lamb

In addition, the Chairman of the Sussex Martlets occasionally makes additional awards as follows:

2017 – Overseas Player of the Year – Jano Moller
2016 – Overseas Player of the Year – Jacob Montgomery
2014 – Overseas Player of the Year – Ben Speake
2013 – Overseas Player of the Year – Ashton Turner
2013 – Special Contribution – John Bettridge