The Sussex Martlets – Club Rules

The Sussex Martlets adopted their constitution, or Club rules, at the 2008 AGM.

The Club rules cover all aspects of the operation of the Club including membership, the officers and the committee, and meetings of the membership.

ECB Rules and Regulations

The Sussex Martlets organise their cricket in accordance with the rules and regulations of the England and Wales Cricket Board (the “ECB””). In particular, the Club play cricket in accordance with the non first class rules and regulations of the ECB.

Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

The Sussex Martlets are committed to providing an environment which is safe, welcoming and friendly for children to enjoy the game of cricket. The Club follows the ECB cricket club guidelines on playing safety and child protection. In particular, the Club has adopted the ECB’s Safe Hands – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Children. Click here for further details on the ECB website.

Membership Application Form

Click the link below for a copy of our Membership Application Form.

Match Managers Pack