Our Cricketing Traditions

There are two linked characteristics to our cricket. Firstly, it offers accessibility and excellence. As long as a minimum level of competence is presented, anyone is welcome to come and play. The extremely talented are also welcome and greatly encouraged too. Secondly, it offers every member the opportunity to play into a higher standard allowing our cricketers to learn and develop.

Consequently the Club’s cricket is characterised by seeking the highest standards of recreational cricket, recognising that each player regardless of their skills and ability, contributes to the great team spirit, or camaraderie, that comes from playing wandering cricket.

Increasingly we are recognised as a leading custodian of high quality recreational cricket in Sussex.

Club Colours

The club colours are Cambridge Light Blue, Westminster Pink, and Oxford Dark Blue, which combine together on our distinctive cricket cap, which can be spotted on many cricket grounds around the world. Our crest of a single martlet is taken from the crest of the County of Sussex, which comprises six martlets. A martlet itself is a mythical bird, with the outline of a swallow, but with having short tufts of feathers in the place of legs!

Looking to Join the Martlets?

If you are interested in joining the Club please send us your contact and playing details. Click the link below for a copy of our Membership Application Form.