Martlets GC

West Sussex GC

Martlets GC vs West Sussex GC

Date: 3 Apr 2022

Venue: West Sussex Golf Club

Time/Result: Lost 7.5 - 5.5

Match Manager: Mark Bowden



Match Report

Golfing Society

Match v

West Sussex Golf Club at West Sussex

2nd April 2022



Match Sussex Martlets Result Opposition Result
1 Julian Hunt 0 Peter Baxter 1
2 Patrick Hole and

Kevin Bartlett

1/2 Chriss Pett and

Michael Phillpps

3 Adrian White and

Robert Forster

1 Tim Martin Jenkins and

John KIlshaw

4 Mark Bowden and

Steve Pook

0 Nigel Jupp and Rick Thomas 1
5 Dan Jackson and

Ben Burrows

1 Richard Foster and

Chris Spink

6 Mark Stevenson and

Simon Baillie Hamilton

0 Iain Robertson and

Antony Walker

7 David Todd and

William Forster

1 Philip Payze and

John Saville

  AM Result 3 1/2   3 1/2



Match Sussex Martlets Result Opposition Result
1 Mark Stevenson and

Ben Burrows

0 Chris Spink and

Michael Phillipps

2 Mark Bowden and

Robert Forster

1/2 Antony Walker and

Philip Payze

3 Steve Pook and

Patrick Hole

1/2 John Saville and

David Baxter

4 Julian Hunt and

William Forster

0 Chris Pett and

Rick Thomas

5 David Todd and

Kevin Bartlett

1/2 Iain Robertson and

John Kilshaw

6 Simon Baille Hamilton and

Dan Jackson

1/2 Tim Martin Jenkins and

Nigel Jupp

  PM Result 2   4
  Match Result 5 1/2   7 1/2








Match Report

On a beautiful Spring Day, that was separated by a week of hail and snow, we were treated to some excellent golf on a course in wonderful condition.

The first match of 2022, this was a day when both teams were revved up and to make the most of a newly opening country.


Another depleted West Sussex team required some additional ‘National Service’ from Spink and Foster which was much appreciated, but who lost out in the morning to Jackson and Burrows by 4/3.


An early (and unusual) 2 ball outing by a Julian Hunt and Peter Baxter was to set the tone for this high-quality fixture. A 2/1 loss was a surprise for Julian, but it was great to see him back in a Martlets shirt.


Hole and Bartlett scrapped out the only half of the morning against Michael Phillipps (yes, our Martlets strongman) recruited for the day by the oppo, and ex West Sussex captain Chris Pett.


Bowden and Pook and Baillie Hamilton both lost on 17, but had spirited comebacks after big swings to their matches.


More notebaly, wins by White and R Forster, Todd and W Forster and Jackson and Burrows, produced an overall result that was all square at lunch. Well done to those stalwarts – ’m guessing they have more than 10,000 rounds at WSGC between them!


And then lunch came. Kummels, claret and speeches are not a great mix for a side looking to retain silverware from the previous year.


The carefully crafted pairings for the afternoon rounds saw 4 halved games, which underscores the thin margins in these hardy fought out matches. None more so than Rob Forster almost chipping in on 18 to keep the game alive, under huge pressure from Payze and Walker.


Regrettably for the Martlets’ captain, we had to offer the opposition one of their longer standing team members, Chris Spink, who, playing for the oppo twice on the day, was to provide the killer blow to his chosen team. We were sorry miss you on the day Chris and not to forget Richard Foster’s help in the morning.


The final nail in the coffin came from West Sussex royalty, Pett and Thomas (single figure handicaps combined) against our big guns of Julian Hunt and Will Forster (single figure handicaps combined). In a great match they lost on the 18th to give the honours on the day to WS, 7 ½ v 5 ½.


I’d like to thank all our team for their unfaltering support in the lead up to this great day, especially those that swapped their shirts – which I promise will not happen again next year.

Mark Bowden : Match Manager

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