Sussex Martlets Seniors v Rottingdean

Over-40s vs Rottingdean

Date: 14 Aug 2013

Venue: Rottingdean

Time/Result: Loss

Match Manager: Desmond Devitt

Umpire: TBC

Scorer: TBC

Match Report

Rottingdean 152 (Adrian Berendt 5-22)

Sussex Martlets 153-4 (Martin Goff 47*, C. Weller-Banks 47*)

Finding 11 fit, but ageing Martlets prepared to risk total humiliation, confronting the fact that:
a) they can’t bend as much as they used to
b) the arm comes over at such a height as to threaten to decapitate the umpire and
c) the ball does not either come on to, or even more so, off the bat as it used to


This was the Very Senior Martlets’ first outing and sad to report, despite considerable enthusiasm for the general principle earlier in the year, we were unable to find more than eight (including a guest) prepared to take to the field. It was only due to the generosity of the opposition in providing three players that allowed the game to go ahead. Our thanks go to the Rottingdean captain, Dorian Ledden, (brother of ex Sussex player Peter, by the way) who not only lent us three players, but also ensured that the day was a great pleasure for all who took part.

The result – particularly given a significant contribution from our Rottingdean players – was immaterial, but we won.

We all departed keen to repeat the experience next year, although a July date might work better, it was suggested. We need to ascertain the availability of players to ensure we can field a team full of Martlets next time.

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