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Royal Ashdown Forest GC

Martlets GC vs Royal Ashdown Forest GC

Date: 24 Apr 2022

Venue: Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club

Time/Result: Halved 3-3

Match Manager: Peter Scaramanga



Match Report

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Match v Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club


24th April 2022



Match Sussex Martlets Result Opposition Result
1 Julian Hunt (1) and Richard Leman (16) 1/2 Simon Lee (20) & Simon Cowley (8)


2 Peter Scaramanga (11) and Dan Jackson (12) 1 Trevor Rudd (15) & Nigel Gourlay (12) 0
3 Charlie Hartridge (17) and Mark Bowden (12) 0 Peter Goodliffe (17) & Martin Colyer (17) 1
4 Adrian White (19) and Patrick Hole (12) 1/2 Bill Dinning (13) & Tony Fountain (14) 1/2
5 Mark Stevenson (12) and James Goddard (11) 1 Tony Pigott (10) & Tim Hopson (18) 0
6 Robert Reed (12) and Stuart Richie (14) 0 Ted Rose (22) & Robert Dagwell (10) 1
  Match Result 3   3



Match Report

 The Sussex Martlets emerged into the spring sunshine to do battle with the members of Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club on Sunday 24 April. The course was looking glorious with the greens running fast and true.


Julian Hunt and Richard Leman led the Martlets out and secured a half in a very tight match. In match 2 Peter Scaramanga settled down after a couple of early shots over mid-wicket and he and Dan Jackson, who played superbly on his first visit to Royal Ashdown, won their match as did the strong Martlet pairing of Mark Stevenson and James Goddard. Unfortunately, Mark Bowden developed back problems during the round so he and his partner Charlie Hartridge succumbed in their game.


This left two exciting games to be completed. In the first, Adrian White and Patrick Hole came back from 3 down with 3 to play to claim a half thus ensuring the Martlets had 3 points overall. In the final match Robert Reed and Stuart Richie, we are sure with an eye on being generous to their hosts, let a significant advantage slip, but this meant the match was halved and everyone was happy!


A very good lunch was had, enhanced by the appearance of David Scrivens, and more golf was played by some in the afternoon.


Peter Scaramanga : Match Manager









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