Lancing Rovers

Martlets vs Lancing Rovers

Date: 6 Jul 2021

Venue: Lancing College

Time/Result: Won

Match Manager: Sam Carter

Umpire: Bryan Tomalin

Scorer: Alison Skinner

Match Report

A splendid day at Lancing, with uncharacteristically modest scores producing a thriller. Jens Richardson, the Bradman of this fixture, unaccountably failed to notch up yet another century, but with swash from Jordan Shaw and buckle from Will Wingfield-Digby (a happier day out for him, this time not dropping his rusty Land Rover door on his nose with bloody consequences a la 2019), the Martlets posted a defensible but below-par score.

Then to test our skills against the richly talented Rovers batsmen. Jordan Shaw and Harry Wingfield Digby kept the top order honest. Then I threw the ball to Ben Whelpton, all of fifteen. A brilliant match-winning bowling display followed: classic offspin – loop, spin, changes of pace, threats to both edge of the bat. Whelpton relished bowling on a big ground where oiks with three-pound bats can’t mishit sixes, ably assisted by Joe Akers-Douglas with the gloves. Unfazed when the muscular middle order got after him, Whelpton continued to chip away, pocketing the cream of the Lancing Rovers batting. He finished with an excellent five-for and victory for the Martlets.

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