Hampshire Hogs Over 40s

Over-40s vs Hampshire Hogs Over 40s

Date: 19 Sep 2021

Venue: Warnford

Time/Result: Lost by 46 runs

Umpire: Trevor Drake

Scorer: Peter Danks

Match Report

19th Sept 2021

HOGS 229-6 from 35 overs
Peter Richards 111no
Dave Messenger 7overs 1maiden 3 for 43
Peter Fielding 8 overs 1 maiden 2 for 26

MARTLETS 183-8 from 35 overs
Michael Loveday 56
Peter Fielding 41no

HOGS won by 46 runs

As we drove West through the driving rain, Damien and I used the time constructively to choose the pub that we would be Sunday lunching in on the way home after the game was called off. The winner, in the centre of Petworth offered the finest looking Sunday roasts and fine local ales. Yum.
Mixed feelings then when the sun came out and we arrived at the chocolate box Warnford ground.
Jeremy and I were managing this one together and our combined managerial muscle had managed to pick 12 players. I was wrestling with this as I lost the toss again and 10 minutes later we were taking the field with 9. Jeremy, in his desire to prove that we needed 12 all along dutifully totalled his car 500yds from the ground and Ashers and DM were somewhere on the way.
Kindly the Hogs Phil Spencer (off the telly) filled in at fine leg for a bit.
We opened with Fergus O’Meara on his O40s debut who bowled very nicely with no reward. Hope he returns!
At the other end Peter Fielding was accurate and classy.
Michael Loveday was pumped up like we rarely see him and after a few cheeky singles had been taken he threw the stumps down from 30yds to dismiss Brown for 5.
‘COME ONNNN, I’M UP FOR THISSS’ howled Loveday! He hit them again later on but the batsman had just made it.
Peter then had Hill caught by Walks who seemingly just thrust an arm in the air and then ‘Super Loveday’ came to the party again catching the very classy looking Kendall.
After that it was the Peter Richards show and he looked the real deal for his 111. Even his son’s constant shouts of ‘that’s my dad’ from the boundary could not put him off his stride.
Phil Spencer (off the telly) smashed a useful 33 but by the time he marched down the pitch and missed one we were already staring down the barrel.
Super Loveday got us going and his 56 was impressive. Walks batted nicely for his 34 and then it became clear that the skipper had blown any chance we had of winning by not batting Peter Fielding at 4 instead of himself as Peter smashed it to all parts for his 41.
Peter Fielding was spectacular but Super Loveday had his pants outside his trousers on the day and he gets my man of the match.
The best side won I think but a fixture we absolutely must keep going into next year with a great bunch that we all look forward to seeing next time.

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