Elite International Cricket Academy

Martlets vs EICA

Date: 2 Aug 2015

Venue: St. James’ Montefiore CC

Time/Result: Draw

Match Manager: Craig Talbot

Umpire: Barry Peay / Bryan Tomalin

Scorer: John Betts / Nigel Smith

Match Report

We arrived at St.James Keymer Cricket Ground a few minutes later than we anticipated, pleased to find that Derek had taken the initiative, tossed and lost. Martlets were fielding.  It’s always good to see the senior players demonstrating leadership and so Derek was duly awarded captaincy (I felt a little out of my depth given all the talent in the team). I spotted a wall of professional looking players dressed in red, stretching and practicing, I quickly realised it was our guests, EICA, who were serious about their task! So it was into the changing room, batting order agreed and then with stories of the night before out of the way, a quick brief to umpires and scorers on bowling/batting orders and breaks, we made our way out onto the pitch.

The sun burnt down, and the game commenced at 11:40.  Derek Horsham drew first blood with a fine LBW appeal sending no.2 Billy Mead on his way for 4 (I hear the away side changing room furniture took a good telling off).  Next up was John Finnie despatched for 9, an amazing catch by Henry Cope (bowled Hector Loughton) as the ball returned from the Jet Stream down to earth and out of the Sun! No.1 bat Jean Willis got stuck in with No.4 Ryan Burl who were despatched for 97 (bowled Adam Davies) and 48 (caught Jeremy Bushell, bowled Henry Cope) respectively. Keeper Hassan Chaabane, Joe and James Waylett, Jeremy Bushell and Adam Davies demonstrated excellent fielding skills – Adam did seem to find his fair share of mole holes that frustrated some of his efforts and amused others.  Joe put himself in front of every ball that came his way no matter how fast. Trubby and Talbot were punished by Bazely and Duffield with some big 4’s and 6’s, Talbot 1 for 30 off 2 (oh dear!), however he did bowl Brisbane Heat Big Bash Player Ryan Duffield for 50, a brilliant catch by Adam Davies on the boundary!  EICA declared at 338 after 48 overs

And into bat: Openers Phil Roper and Joe Waylett made a respectably start playing patiently in the heat and against first class seem attack with Joe Waylett caught on the 9th over for 15 bowled Finney to be replaced by Hector Loughton who fell the same way for 4, again to Finney.  Adam Davies made his way to the crease.  Adam played a fine innings and carried his bat through to the end of the game, on the 46th and final over Adam was on 99, and with 6 balls to go he kept his cool, dabbing down patiently until the last ball of the over – will he, won’t he, yes he will!  – Adam hit the last ball for a very large six, scoring 105, the highest scoring innings of the match and because of this, his steady and accurate bowling (44 for 1 of 6 overs) and his dramatic fielding, a well deserved Man of the Match!

Thanks all for making the day an enjoyable one and special thanks to Mike Charman for his hard work in securing the 2 scorers, John Betts and Nigel Smith and umpires, Barry Peay and Bryan Tomalin; all key individuals that helped to ensure the match went ahead successfully!

Craig Talbot

Batted first team:
Batted first score:
339 – 5
Batted first leading batters/bowlers:
Willis 97, Bazely 104, Duffield 50 Byett 51, Horsham 1-25, Loughton 1-44
Batted second team:
Sussex Martlets
Batted second score:
223 – 7
Batted second leading batters/bowlers:
Davies 105 not out, Cope 31 not out, Finnie 7-94

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