Demijohns CC

Over-40s vs Demijohns CC - Over 40s OXFORD TOUR

Date: 30 Apr 2022

Venue: St Johns College, Oxford

Time/Result: Won by 6wkts

Match Manager: Phil Savage

Umpire: Mike Charman

Scorer: Tony Gibbs

Match Report


30th April 2022

St Johns College Oxford


DEMIJOHNS 56 all out (Fielding 3-4, Cashinella 3-7)

MARTLETS 57-4 (Goodacre 26no)


A delight to be on our first tour and what a lovely place to start. St John’s ground is surrounded by suburban Oxford but none the worse for it.

After the usual tour stresses around who will actually turn up and when, in the end all was well and Martlets took the field with nearly a full compliment against a side mainly composed of current and ex St John’s students. As it happens we had two Oxford alumni of our own. Jeremy was kind enough to take some of us on a tour of his college St Peters the following morning and recounted a story of an initiation ceremony he took part in so unpleasant that it cannot be spoken of here.

Demijohns were slightly hampered by the fact that their captain was also playing in the final of the University Rugby tournament and ‘hoped to be back to bat later’.

We kicked off with Christmas and Lack who bowled nicely for their 7 overs and 1 wicket each but in the end it was Peter Fielding and Damien Cashinella who did the damage with 3 for 4 and 3 for 7 respectively.

We managed to lose 4 wickets in the chase but in the end it was a rather one sided affair.

Touring legend Paul Lack told us it was a bad idea to play the 10 over beer game afterwards but we didn’t listen. Come day 3 I wished that I had listened to his sage wisdom!

A fantastic dinner at the Trout capped of a fab day 1 of our 2022 tour of Oxford.




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