Junior Martlets

Brighton & Hove City Clubs Select XI (16+)

Junior Martlets vs Brighton & Hove City Clubs Select XI (16+)

Date: 7 Aug 2012

Venue: Fulking

Time/Result: Draw

Match Manager: John Bettridge


Scorer: John Hartridge

Match Report

Junior Martlets 169 – 5, Alex Harbourne 57, Dominic Keats 32, Greg Wisdom 23

Brighton & Hove City Clubs XI 154 – 9, Ed Firth 2 for 19, Tom Stewart-Green 2 for 21, Henry Cope 2 for 29

This game was hosted by Preston Nomads and organised by David Bowden and Chris Bidwell. Greg Wisdom won the toss and elected to bat. The bowling was tight and scoring proved difficult but Greg Wisdom and Alex Harbourne set up a sound base for the first wicket. Dominic Keats and George Garton both upped the tempo towards the end of the innings. Once again the Junior Martlet bowling and fielding was impressive. Ed Firth and Tom Stewart-Green both produced good opening spells taking two wickets apiece and bowling tight, accurate overs. Dominic Keats and George Garton kept the screw turning and Henry Cope took the final wickets but try as they could one wicket remained at the end. This was an exciting finish and the whole game was played in a great spirit of good humour.

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